:') I was really happy that its a happy ending and was sad that its the final episode because i was attached to HWARANG already.. the drama is super good serious :') i cried joyfully at the ending.. After finishing watching Hwarang, listening back to all the OSTs of hwarang really made me miss the hwarang moments and scenes that ive enjoyed :') trust me. It takes years to hone this craft. Fighting oppa! W4GRB.pid[1]=161397; @Raby agree with you!! Miny AB Feb 22 2017 7:47 pm I'm so dissapointed,the king has so much chemistry with ah to than dog bird,but what the heck is this dogbird and ah to again?! I think 20 episodes aren't enough to tell the whole story. This drama is so homo af! But I personally think this show did great though I agree the storyline could've been great if Ah ro was not such a crybaby all the time and like the story did not surround her at the very least! saranghae hwarang.. sam meak joon,son woo,do jihan ,aro,soo ho,hansung,yeo wool ... Why? This drama could be his big break, and I really couldn't wait to see his performance. taetae Feb 24 2016 12:05 pm In fact, This is one of the WORST drama ever not the best at all. ???? The main casts are all great! I think that the love triangle makes much more sense if Ji Dwi and Ahro end up together because you can see the sparks coming through bit by bit but Ah ro is still so connected to her brother. Hyeon Jan 18 2017 4:44 am The fact that every man has this type of hair in every historical drama should tell you something. Omg, the king. But please do watch it, there are great moments and it really isn't bad. I stopped to watch the drama from the 14th series, only , along with the 15th part I informative passed to confirm this, that everything worse. At first I wanted to watch it only because of SHINee Minho but in the end I loved it for great plot and fantastic music! Dont watch it.. !take care oppa okay? Rate. Whoever's thinking "Should I watch this?" I'm rooting for him to be the main male lead ♥. hwarang is very cool tho. well if you're saying that the king would be Ji Dwi because it's like that in the history when this drama clearly said in every beginning that all of the characters and EVENTS are fiction, herfi Feb 15 2017 7:41 am They are smart, mature, and wise also good in war tactics. Rate. This drama is boring! Sun woo should look more powerful, tough, smart and charismatic if the writer have idea make him a king at the end. This Drama is amazing, wonderful etc. JJ Jan 25 2017 10:07 am Maybe not in this drama but in the future works they may take. guiltypleasure Feb 17 2017 2:57 am I wish he claims his throne soon. Why are some of you guys criticizing their acting?? Saranghae taehyung oppa ❤ ARMY's are supporting and loving you!!! What a story!! So excited with this drama..cant wait to watch it omg.. looooooveeee this drama i cant want for the next episode !! To serve the king with loyalty. Wtf with this ratings!! Such a great story, beautiful girls, great actions and soo many handsome boys. As for the co-lead Park Hyung-sik, he proves his skill in acting. never watched any of his projects before, but i sure love to see him with long hair, it just brings up his best look Their acting is good, they play as their characters. :D. aideen Apr 04 2016 9:19 am The acting of some of the cast are rather one dimensional. (≧∇≦)/ I this drama very very much! The cast is fixed?? The only good thing with hwarang is that Park Hyung Sik's popularity has skyrocketed through the roof lol. Seo joon Oppa!!!! Seo Ye-Ji was the one who stood out the most, for her charisma and voice. Park Seo Joon acting touched me a lot. or maybe incest are allowed between the royalty? Hwaiting. i love all and this series is so nice i love it but i love kingaro coule 55555 I just wish that his character would grow stronger and more mature because if he keeps up with this childish, innocent traits, he will surely die in later episodes... And although im not a fan of BTS, i would love if he gets more screentime and to see his character getting developed since everybody else has already begin to progress.. //]]>, //