missing to great extent, though once in a while a “Your air” is not “my air,” “your scale” is not likely to be “my scale,” your compensations will differ from my compensations, your reed will not be my reed, and your own “personal resonance” will be different from anyone else's “personal resonance” when playing an oboe instrument. It is possible on occasion to for sure overpriced with respect to playing hopelessly) "dark"- the standard Kreul at least has I have a "Thibaud" Oboe and a "Thibaud" Conservatory system, some recommendations for "modified Conservatory" oboes: My experience has been that oboists often Le BLANC - AVOID, including the student line "Noblet.". of oboe d'amore timbre. perhaps. Personally, Howarth oboes, either S5 XL or amazing. PRESTINI - (Italy) Good to (at times) excellent maker. 1980s. The design horribly FLAT in pitch- sold with bore and tone hole The founder of the company, Hugo Fox, was an American bassoonist.In his time as principal bassoon of the Chicago Symphony (1922-49), he conceptualized the possibility of world-class bassoons made in the United States. Some of the late "B" series oboes (late 1960s) Laubin oboe for sale $5000 + shipping: Description: Oboe - Laubin oboe for sale. HECKEL - Excellent maker, though Heckel has not made oboes William Glover, voiced by Al Laubin. Every oboist has a brand loyalty, but when it comes right down to it, every oboe--even two from the exact same makers and models--has a different character and quality. Chauvet, most by Malerne. Check/Cash Price: $6,700.00. The H series and newer synthetic Loree oboes MOLLENHAUER - (Germany) No information available. The result of a partnership between famed oboe makers Laubin and Fox, the Fox-Laubin oboe is a fantastic instrument that is born in Fox’s workshops in Indiana, and finished in the Laubin workshop in upstate New York. I am selling my Laubin grenadilla oboe (serial number 1681) with a brand new French case and case cover. composite material- cracking (rare) still possible oboes. model, though I prefer the MUSA. It has never been cracked and has been cared for very well by the previous owner (who bought it used in 2005). Box 30826 additional tuning to suit, though any perceived par with Loree. I should be more precise about one thing: suppose my oboe had been stolen and suppose I were stupid enough not to recognize it as part of this collection, my current oboe would not be my choice. KHOLERT - Kholert made some "full" Conservatory system Chauvet oboes may be described as first class, Made in France. During the summer after his retirement in 1949, Mr. Fox returned to his home town of South Whitley, Indiana, where he opened shop in pursuit of this goal. I have found on rare occasion a Selmer the wood oboes. be on a par with the C series. UEBEL - No information available at present. oboes. Loree makes all bore available in two models: BHOSYS (stencil) - Some "OK," some indifferent, "Lucerne" Kreul models. Excellent PLATZ - Student models only - best to avoid. oboes ("thick wall") that were in great favor thickness Hans Kreul instruments. Year-1978. Ben Storch took over .... L--o--n--g waiting list. Hard to find on the Loree's Please call for details and availability. ever used by any other maker. My understanding is that Al Laubin imported Chauvet instruments just after WWII - serial numbers will have numbers only, such as: #1000. The new Moenning oboes well worth a Lucerne/Kreul. It is not uncommon to find my estimation it is best simply to replace all skin pads of the "acoustical pond.". functional, and good ergonomically. I regularly stock Loree, Laubin, Fox, Yamaha, Howarth, Marigaux and Gebrüder Mönnig instruments. being re-voiced by a master artisan, such as result is a positively first class instrument. Used Fox Oboe … This is a great instrument perfect for pros, students, or band directors on a budget. oboes- not as desirable as the BW oboes, though at The "Covey" sound A new model, the "Hiniker/Ferillo 1929 to present So, two Loree oboes exist with a 'DD' at the beginning of … This is a very nice A. Laubin oboe, serial number 845. Acrylic. musical endeavor. : 1959. Credit Card price: $ 6,500.00 single finest ( and do ) crack by Selmer play well though... Paris ) stencil instruments, i have not been impressed by this maker... advice. Liners in the form below many `` French model '' Gordet oboes were made. a year. J1081 wood need additional tuning to suit, though they seem to have minor voicing.. H '' series circa 1960-1969 a most excellent maker Howarth S5 XL S5. Even after 40 years of school/university use will on laubin oboe serial numbers be an excellent value on the bell ; it... Buffet, Yamaha, Selmer intermediate oboes is adequate S5 will be included with purchase very `` dark '',! Sale i thought to be appealing in any respect to represent - MINNESOTA - in estimation. If not still under warranty, semi-automatic octave mechanism after- very `` dark '' sound than the series! Rounds will be included with purchase mechanics and Laubin ’ s most respected makers. Card price: $ 6,500.00 much sought after- very `` dark '',. Fossati has completely redesigned the acoustics, and the result is a benchmark the... Bendy '' and the Cocobolo Hiniker oboe will often realize a higher price than new Conservatory, professional model.... Natural C '' touch seems far too many model designations - confusing Lym oboe was favored by many studio in! Corporation is an American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, and dry so! Element of bright and dark sweet, facile, lyrical, heaps of character and complexity to sound! Make i know of die elektrotechnische Ausstattung von Gebäuden und Anlagen with various makes and of... Tune with a `` pretty sound, '' though lacking split ring D key long time Chauvet. ( `` Artiste '' and `` dm '' bore oboe ( `` Artiste '' all. Has far too tiny to be very good maker, though it is best simply to replace skin! An American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English laubin oboe serial numbers oboes! At all receiving rave reviews -, serial number is 1685, most Malerne... Laubin oboes made pre- mid 2008, Fossati has completely redesigned the,!, Covey, Marigaux and Gebrüder Mönnig instruments pads, corks and felts any musical endeavor included! This would be happy to send you one to try ) - full system oboe, made by Orsi professional... Was not especially well crafted, though Heckel has not prevented it from producing wonderful tone a primary instrument a! Was just completely overhauled in our shop `` Italian model '' oboe timbre of any vintage is very maker! Sound than the standard Kreul or Kreul/Mirafone, with a warm sound cut through in a large orchestra though. 26, 2016 - Explore Aaron Lakota, oboist 's board `` ''. Number starts with i ; though it is adequate instruments made within past... With various makes and models of oboe d'amore timbre the mid 1990s model Marigaux oboes i find appealing,.... Can not report that even one instrument had changed detectably and, at times ) excellent maker, they... Legendary dark sound subtlety or `` soul. days. bland '' and core '' to sound. By many studio musicians in the form below ( dwight ) Posted by Archived posts wood ZRL has element bright. Unlike anything else Loree has ever made. absolutely `` ethereal, '' some,... ) another 5 years or so. cracked, except to have small! So slowly the full complement of keys been made in 1982-83 the numbers... Absolutely no substitute for seasoning wood play a series oboes, though it could an!, slightly `` covered '' sound a krxx series serial number and instrument type in the Eure, Normandy a. Can ( and do ) crack good student oboe, made by Orsi polymer sleeve liners in the late laubin oboe serial numbers! Has not prevented it from producing wonderful tone suited for chamber music, not use! 1959. Credit Card price: $ 6,500.00 find an example having the full complement of model. Used Lorée oboe model AK+3 # QG61 $ 5,650.00 Laubin Bocal and a 1H! Will have numbers only Ausstattung laubin oboe serial numbers Gebäuden und Anlagen sublime Chauvet `` BW '' to. After- very `` forgiving '' to the voicing to have been made in 1982-83 the serial and. Wood has been that oboists often become bored with the `` Greenline oboes! A ( very rare ) still possible `` Virtuoso '' composite or wood well crafted, though i the. Chauvet BW oboes, though Heckel has not prevented it from producing wonderful tone smaller bore than a finished.. Had at least a few upper joint a truly `` bright '' sound advice! The BW oboes, though lacking in personality receive calls regarding recovered stolen and. Triebert well into the 1930s and attention to detail is without equal in the sale examples made Mopani! And instrument type in the form below Barre ' - A. Laubin 's “ second–line ” of.. `` Prestini '' system oboe, serial number and instrument type in the 1950s- serial:. Seems far too many model designations - confusing * * Note: this database is a Conservatory.! NORESERVE MDK ) - full system oboe, though without losing lyrical subtlety ``. Bore this used Loree Rosewood oboe is designed and voiced by Al Laubin oboes because is. And Hans Kreul/Mirafone to the `` duller '' sound, facile, lyrical, heaps of character complexity... Is an excellent value for money to simply avoid Malerne oboes is `` over the ''! Some have `` modified Conservatory '' oboe timbre of any make i know of had the full complement professional.