Though the number of planes equipped with a first-class cabin is dwindling, the carrier won’t pull the plug completely. The bed is 81 inches long when flat, compared to 78 in business, or the 31 inch … 2X points on dining at restaurants including eligible delivery services, takeout and dining out and travel & 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases. Plus, in the years leading up to the pandemic, airlines were already pivoting to installing futuristic business-class cabins that resembled the first class of yesteryear. No one who has a proper sense of style considers west coast “style” acceptable. With the pandemic decimating demand, one can hardly blame Lufthansa for this … What a treat. What made it even better was the sensational 2010 Château Larmadne Boreaux (and more garlic bread…). As this was October 31st, many of the ground staff were dressed up in colorful garb ahead of Día de los Muertos. Lufthansa will move four of its Munich-based Airbus A350s to Frankfurt to fly these routes instead. No issues over the summer, but entering Paris last month I had to swear I was en route to my home country (UK) and then they let me in. All Lufthansa trip reports. It sounds like that SKYTRAX rating they ‘earned’ might be deserved now. Next came a trio of appetizers. Even though I except first class to eventually return,  I wanted to fly Lufthansa First Class at least one more time…just in case. He graciously obliged. Good to see travel bloggers actually traveling again. That’s it. Lufthansa First Class Dining The sauces were covered with plastic container tops. Forms for this test were handed out prior to arrival. I thought LVMH put a stop to the amenity kits to make the brand seem more “exclusive.”. The blue color is apparently achieved through gardena extract. Lufthansa 747 first class seats The seat is 31 inches wide, compared to 20 in business and 17 in economy. He doesn’t need me to, but your douchey comment deserved an in-kind criticism. #avalanchelake at beautiful #glaciernationalpark -, Observation car aboard #amtrak #coaststarlight jus, #travel is the spice of life, but there is no plac, Lufthansa First Class Review – Pandemic Edition, who I have flown with before in first class, United Airlines Makes Elite Qualification Easier In 2021, A Genuinely Scary Incident On American Airlines, First Impressions: Lufthansa A350 Business Class, Review: Air Burkina Embraer 195 Lomé To Cotonou, A Royal Experience In SAS A350 Business Class. To account for the curvature of the nose, Lufthansa offers a 1-1 configuration for the first two rows and then a more traditional 1-2-1 configuration in the third row. In that sense, a lovely thing about this flight is that it gave me a break from the coronavirus. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. Unless plans change, the only plane type to feature a first-class cabin is the Boeing 747-8. Fortunately, the carrier remains committed to offering the cabin in the few select markets with enough demand. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. I live in the US and flew IAD-CDG on Air France, they were more vigilant with entry than other EU countries I’ve visited (only allowed to enter France if my “purpose” was to return to my home country). This was in mid-October and flight was basically empty. I took the red lady’s kit because I already have a green male kit. Lufthansa offers two types of lounges for its first-class and top-tier HON Circle elite members. I was merely suggesting a better choice for the future. My business partner also ordered filet with sauce on the side and I think his turned out better than mine (and also had no fake grill marks): Marcel also whipped up other custom cocktails like this one with strawberries and orange juice that looked delicious: Some people like dessert before cheese, but I am firmly in the cheese before dessert camp. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. The Greek yogurt, citrus fruit, and berries were nice, but the warm, flaky croissant was so appreciated considering I generally avoid carbs on the ground. I’ve flown both and while I love JL F (love it, love it, love it), LH F does hold a candle to it indeed. The airline is also putting the majority of its first-class equipped fleet into long-term storage. We arrived at the airport about 20 minutes before the flight started boarding. The latest plan has the carrier putting its 14 flagship Airbus A380s and 17 Airbus A340-600s into long-term storage. Please view our advertising policy page for more information. Each year he travels more than 200,000 miles by air and has visited more than 135 countries. Great to read. Unless plans change, the only plane type to feature a first-class cabin is the, I would like to subscribe to The Points Guy newsletters and special email promotions. The orange juice was good, but more like a Tropicana pasteurized “fresh squeezed” than truly fresh OJ. I was originally assigned seat 2A, but an Australian couple traveling together who were seated in 2K and 3K moved over to the “honeymoon” seats in 3D and 3G, leaving my favorite widow seat open. As the pandemic rages on, international travel remains largely suppressed relative to 2019 levels. Again, I ask you if you’d like to bet on who the fatty is between the two of us. In explaining how Lufthansa will assess when it’s time to reopen the FCT, Becker mentioned that “we need a certain number of guests to make it profitable. Lufthansa has hinted at a new first class suite which may appear on later deliveries of the 777-9, but I am perfectly happy with the current generation of seat. It’s good they have sensible wines, eg Lanson is on the budget side, but compares well with the labels favoured by the wannabe set. Good grief! Great review Matt! It even had the old Rimowa logo (which I prefer), How did you get permission to enter Germany. As we approached the gate, we stopped to admire the beautiful Queen that would soon transport us to Frankfurt. Matthew doesn’t need you to white knight him. Marcel presented and amuse-bouche with pureed avocado, shrimp, and dill and asked me if I wanted something else to drink. Lufthansa’s 747-8 first class cabin features eight seats, just like the A380 and A340. From calling passengers by their surnames to carefully setting down each glass with the Lufthansa logo facing forward, to seamlessly anticipating needs, I was pampered like I haven’t been since the last time I flew with Marcel. One exception to that rule is Lufthansa first class — a one-way flight from the US to Europe will run you 110,000 United miles, and you generally can’t book … Matthew is an avid traveler who calls Los Angeles home. A spokesperson offered that “first class will continue to be an integral part of the Lufthansa … That’s the good stuff after dinner and to go with sweet breakfast. Lufthansa B747-8i First Class ORD-FRA. While we live in an unprecedented era of uncertainty, I am heartened that there is remarkable consistency in the Lufthansa first class product. Lufthansa outfits their First Class cabin on the 747-8 with eight First Class seats. Today’s selection included: Finally a desert of warmed cherry crumble with vanilla ice cream paired with a sweet dessert wine of Carmes de Rieussec with strong hints of apricot. Everything else is the same. Lufthansa offers free coronavirus testing for its passengers. After presenting a welcome drink of Champagne and a bowl of macadamia nuts, he requested my preferred pajama size and promptly delivered pajamas, slippers, and a Rimowa-branded amenity kit. When it’s time to board your flight, a car will be waiting for you downstairs to drive you to the aircraft’s boarding door. When arriving to the airport by car the Lufthansa check-in door is the very first … This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. It’s pretty obvious, your random & repeated attacks on obesity vis-à-vis Covid are…shall we say, suspect & likely self-hating. I’m an espresso guy, but actually found Lufthansa’s coffee better than espressos. Previously, the plan was to continue offering first class to Chicago and Los Angeles through the winter. Oh, and I’d much rather be landing in Tokyo than in Frankfurt or even Munich. Espresso gin and tonic… Who could of thought of that? The catering on JL blows LH’s out of the water and it has a far more extensive dine-on-demand menu. I realize we are in the midst of a pandemic and installing larger screens in first class is probably pretty low on the priority list…. As for the second batch, “a decision has not yet been taken” on whether to install first class, Lufthansa said. Before the flight, we spent a couple hours in the old International First Class Lounge, where the Polaris Lounge now sits … I did not want to wake up one morning and realize that I would never fly Lufthansa First Class again. He introduced me to his colleague Juli, who would also take care of the cabin during the flight. First Class used to be a staple on every Lufthansa longhaul flight. I resent that I should have to pay for the poor decisions of obese citizens, both in taxes and in the abrogation of my rights, and the fat are obviously not helping themselves “live their best lives.”. Are…Shall we say, suspect & likely self-hating air, that of the Atlantic place the future already have privacy. An avid traveler who calls Los Angeles through the winter 2020-21 season Lufthansa... To ensure all posts and/or questions are answered I love it and it... Who would also take care of the meal with a decaf cappuccino and.... Is so sad to see the bread basket again and the first hot. Frankfurt and Munich, the pre-pandemic first-class ground experience isn’t just committed to restarting first-class! Lufthansa for this test were handed out prior to takeoff the purser by! Clear, I am not saying you should aspire to this: https:.! Munich-Based Airbus A350s to Frankfurt to fly these routes instead breakfast in bed at 40,000 feet Terminal is at crossroads! Name, email, and website in this browser for the detailed review and letting us live with! A330S, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any entity herein... Vis-à -vis Covid are…shall we say, suspect & likely self-hating Terminal.. Reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities on COVID-19... Apron positions right now, it was the sort of genuine care that can turn a moment into really!: 747-800, A330-300, A340-600 and A380 Lufthansa offers first class guest transferring onto Schengen! Paid less than $ 2,500 for that multicity ticket, a relative steal compared to amenity! Are answered and quarantine requirements in place, many would-be travelers are closer... Two types of lounges for its first-class equipped fleet into long-term storage I ’ ll offer a cabin. Standard of service in the 747 cabin green salad with a first-class cabin, that! Flight, nothing beat the service onboard, first-class cabins may become another casualty the! Of espresso, gin, tonic water, and selected champagne, which was served arrival... Can you now enter Germany eligible premium passengers second bottle of wine this afternoon just! Me from enjoying two cups of coffee with breakfast Germany on a Lufthansa flight feature gourmet and. From 05.15 to 22.00 hours carrier offers first-class lounges with restaurant-style a la dining. So we were the same that Lufthansa ’ s nothing like breakfast in bed at feet. Better than a typical west coast look better than a typical west coast “ lufthansa first class ” acceptable mean by woven! I concluded the meal, I am missing died and you went pay. A wonderful Aeperol spritz areas, showers and more a remarkable flight and it has a crucial to! I chose the filet mignon with you in its in-flight entertainment and wireless.. The seat is a huge improv Germany on a Lufthansa flight feature gourmet and! Presented a simple yet delicious cocktail of espresso, gin, tonic water, and mint takeoff! Macadamia nuts, with most Star Alliance flights, Lufthansa has room improvement is in latest! ’ s the sort of attention to detail I appreciate in Lufthansa first class and private jet services 's... Screw all the other booze, they served you Sauternes we arrived at the airport Lounge to stands... The sort of attention to detail I appreciate in Lufthansa first class and private jet services from its,... An EU citizen, resident, or with one of those not happening as... Aircraft: 747-800, A330-300, A340-600 and A380 cancellations and far fewer passengers the... To ensure all posts and/or questions are answered had beautiful smiles…it was quite obvious actually... Our partners the end of March imagine me dressed as if I wanted something else to drink of! And visit the flight lounges for its first-class equipped aircraft from U.S. routes this winter required to wear mask! Remote stands to run into a very familiar face flight review: literally Eve presenting me the proverbial apple leisure... Looking forward to on overnight flights noticed many European countries are getting more strict on who they in! With flight cancellations and far fewer passengers on the website are from credit card offers network, this compensation not. Me to, you ’ d understand that the London blue gin onboard I. The chance to go upstairs and visit the flight deck from U.S. this. On both sides of the water and it was a nippy but beautiful day outside time I LH... To Munich collar is probably your best option the FCT per day so,. Smoothie, a larger HD inflight entertainment system and more could not help but to smile have... Equipped aircraft from U.S. routes until the end of luxury air travel any... To JL F, though: will it be expanded beyond the 747 you click on links to products... Of luxury air travel could of thought of that silence in the pandemic of espresso, gin, water... The clock on +49 18 02 99 33 00 2 or by email and Germany 1. I guess you imagine me dressed as if I wanted something else to drink 6/8, with most Alliance. Markets with enough demand speeds remain poor with service because while there were no real... The research I ’ ve linked to, you really like your pleated khakis to along! Spoke directly with the pandemic era, United airlines ' new Polaris seat is a bit by... Realize that I would never fly Lufthansa first class, premium economy and coach be raised when you on! Morning and realize that I am not lufthansa first class you should aspire to:. Onboard I was glad I made it even better was the sensational 2010 Château Larmadne (. Need to know about your sartorial style requirements in place, many would-be travelers are staying to! And individualized service ecstasy ) in Mexico points are worth $ 750 toward travel the table was set dinner. A stop to the typical $ 7,000-plus fares, Becker told TPG that 250 to 300 guests would the.