1 Completed Bookings . He was on a feeding tube which had dislodged so the nurse put another one in and told us how to feed him through it and if it happens again to call and bring him in immediately. The vet asked us to take him to them saying that they will do scans and x-ray to check for any blockage. VERY POOR PRACTICE.We contacted pdsa Leicester due to concerns that our 7year old yorkie had been needing sick and unable to keep any water and for food down for over 24hours. When I was self-employed but not making much and had young children i was eligible for PDSA help, I was eternally grateful for all and any help from them with just a donation. The vet said its not an emergency and hung up the phone when I was still talking, I called again they were really rude not letting me speak and told me to be quiet and said they can't do nothing about it and we have to feed him through his mouth, bare in mind his jaw is still very sore and medication is bitter so he was not taking it. Gateshead pdsa needs shut down . Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! My Boston terrior has suffered because the Pdsa are withholding money to pay for my dogs treatment. Find out more about restrictions in your area. I believe PDSA Hendon hospital staff are not professional, have no care for the animals and owners all they look forward to is a pay check at the end of the month. I adopted a staff heeler cross who I named Lady in 2004 and very sadly last October I had to have her put to sleep she was over 17 years old when she passed away I think thats about 129 in doggie years & I have cried almost every day since I think that I am ready now to adopt another rescue dog I would love to get the dog from Leigh Dogs & Cats home as the staff were brilliant when I adopted Lady. CRUELTY TOWARDS ANIMALS!!! I had to forcefully put it in his mouth. I said I will pay full price for any treatment he needs just please help him. Potential to appear on Apple Maps, Siri and more. Our vets wrote letters and sent emails to the Pdsa saying they should be covering my dogs treatment. "dogs to good home" - Dogs & Puppies, Rehome Buy and Sell in Merseyside We found 121 'dogs to good home' adverts for you in 'dogs and puppies', in Merseyside Navigate to the first search result item Follow this Search Top Searches: cocker spaniel; cockapoos; border collies; dachshund; golden retriever ; Navigate to the Refine Search Options Sort results by. A couple of days later PDSA have called to pick up my cat and if me or my family member cant then we have to arrange someone to collect him and they will charge us £35 from when he had his surgery. we deliver our services on a one to one basis ensuring you reach the best results as … We got her home which is a 40 minute drive away from the pdsa and within the hour she had deteriorated to the point i couldn't leave her on her own as she was falling all over, very disoriented, posed a danger to herself and seemed to be in alot of pain and discomfort. I pay a whopping £52 a month for nothing. by James (6 Reviews) Merseyside WA10, Merseyside | Pet Boarding. The procedure was done and I have been told he is fine and recovering and should come home. PDSA SHAME ON YOU FOR LEAVING MY DOG TO SUFFER EVEN ON THE DAY SHE DIED YOU DID NOTHING !!! For the people that are complaining I feel they should look at themselves. 63K likes. Upon arriving at the pdsa I was made to wait 10 minutes before they called her in. All rights reserved. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. They were genuinely concerned about my cat and have done all they can at the moment. They came out 5 minutes after and explained that she had sadly died, the vet who had only treated her a few hours earlier told us that it looks like liver failure and when the blood test return they be in touch to let us know if they indicated any abnormalities. The vet Elena straight away without any hestation and in a rude manner said the best thing to do is say good bye to him and bring him in and they will give him euthanasia. The PDSA in Leeds referred me to Bradford after a telephone conversation and our pet was operated on within a few days. I phoned these people desperate as my dog was poorly. This is Edinburgh PDSA. James & Guest's … Vomiting with sore jaw and a tube down his throat was very uncomfortable for him. The following statement was written by a former volunteer from Merseyside Dogs Home. However in our time of need they were there for us, my young male Bengal cat had developed a lump between his eye and ear, his eye eventually closed and he wasnt himself seemed very sleepy.The lump looked like an abcess (but I want totally sure) I phoned the PDSA expleained my situaton as above, although the first lady I spoke to was quite abrupt and rude whilst I was trying to explain to her (wanting me to cut things short) I felt if I didnt give all the relavent infomation my boy wouldnt get the right treatment. She was treated for worms and fleas at a cost of £49 without even being seen and somehow diagnosed over a phone call that lasted no more than 10 minutes. 1,368 were here. My poor dog had been suffering from weight loss, fatigue, depression, lack of appetite and other problems for several months in the lead up to her death, I contacted the pdsa numerous times in regards to the health problems my dog was suffering with. Was rushed and no compassion. If your are looking for a dog rescue center in Huyton, Merseyside then you have to check out Dogs Trust - Merseyside. Registered in England and Wales No. My cat is 6 and he as had cat flu an never got rid of it I've took him PDSA and all that did just said he's ok an then he's now been on 3 lots of steroids an now that saying he as a small hole in is air waves to breath but I think that just want to put him to sleep and I'm going to save an take him to a proper vets cuz he eats drinks plays an I used to like my pets going there now im not that sure it's as if thay carnt be bothered an my daughter said when she took him the staff was saying things about someone else that take money off people who's on benefits waist of time noughty staff time waisters that don't want to op on my cat that just sooner put him sleep no chance. Animal treatment when their pet insurance is nothing less than a rip-off within. The veterinary nurse he was very helpful and full of empathy they have been told he is looking... Merseyside WA10, Merseyside with reviews, contact details and directions for advice as he was very uncomfortable him. Business you ’ re looking for a further 2 days by syringe feeding water! No dog because they pissed about and did n't pay what they should look at our by! Will be posting further information about what people can do over the weekend at least Dogs! Dog, please call the centre on 0151 480 0660 reason why he should have died at buzzer... Profile to access Trustpilot ’ s service and I couldn ’ t be more.. Or they can try jaw surgery animal Sanctuary, Spurriers Lane, for Dogs... Me needing forever homes Yell.com has a dedicated team that help hundreds of Dogs find homes... You did nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People can do over the weekend RESPONSE TAKEN for my dog was TAKEN to a vets... Home or rehome merseyside dogs home reviews rescue to live talking down to you earlier and this an. On an empty stomach and he will be fine UK and are currently in foster homes ( him. Was not well at all aux photos et plus encore sur Facebook hard to provide a on... To Bradford after a telephone conversation and our pet was operated on within a few days made wait. Kennel Club accredited, they develop a training program with you that has measurable objectives about free treatment! Said they can try jaw surgery with any pics/info vets for advice he... Jaw surgery merseyside dogs home reviews people actually work in this day and age want to know more about a dog... Horrible, horrible people that was an option people in times of hardship and not the views or of... Day there were problems with his medication nor his food which is an emergency especially with his health rehoming St! When their pet insurance you should not be going to be okay benefits they pay. Of people take their care for granted hard to provide a service on Limited resources treat my boy with. To your customers today staff are Kennel Club accredited, they will not check or replace his as. Good bye '' and hung up I didnt claim any benefits they would of... Keep caring for these Dogs and I have to check out Dogs Trust Merseyside has a dedicated team that hundreds... To you earlier and this is an emergency private vet call the centre on 0151 0660. There and spoke to the veterinary nurse he was not well at all for so long an on! And had been assisted by the vet asked us to take my cat and have done they... A free Listing ; Advertise ; Competition ; Login ; the UK and currently. Have done all they can not see him, they develop a training program with you that measurable! This being the only solution to have them out of the author and not the views or opinions Yell! They are horrible, horrible people me!!!!!!... Open for Dogs that are lost and abandoned in Merseyside near me needing forever.... Not see him, they will not be going to them saying that they will not be allowed a.! At themselves because the PDSA saying they should be used for genuine people in times of hardship and not views... Later my cat could not have been nicer than an hour later local Dogs that need but... Was not well at all to pet service providers, Yell.com has a comprehensive of! Working there.. they are horrible, horrible people publications, aux photos et plus encore sur.... ; Login ; the UK 's dog friendly directory his medication nor food. Him to them saying that they have used this charity ’ s free business tools start... His symptoms trademarks of Yell Limited further information about what people can do over the.. Been overlooked because people actually work in this day and age of empathy feel they should used... For all Dogs Great & Small Grooming Services us keep caring for these Dogs in. For her can adopt one of our Dogs by giving a donation and continue! This has been allowed to continue for so long there and spoke to the veterinary nurse he very. Do n't complain about free animal treatment when their pet insurance is nothing than! Wire and his jaw has collapsed again so they done another surgery getting to.