When the Horde clears Deacon tracks retrieves a radio from what they've left behind, planning to use it to track down O'Brien. Nationality Sarah is Deacon's wife. Deacon St. John Whilst making their way through the ravaged city, Sarah was stabbed. He provides voice and motion capture for Deacon St. John in Days Gone.. William 'Boozer' Gray (voice) Courtnee Draper. Forgot account? Deacon momentarily concedes telling Boozer to get some rest. Create New Account. As a child, his father once taught him how to eliminate a rats nest by drowning them. O'Brien requests that in exchange for his help, Deacon will need to plant trackers on other N.E.R.O. Sneaking into the camp in order to steal antibiotics, Deacon is caught by Rikki and camp doctor Addy, upon discovering Deacon was driven by his desire to save Boozer they agree to help. a group of Rippers suddenly arrive also searching for her and Deacon dispatches them. Deacon St. John (voice) Jim Pirri. Motorcyclist: Deacon is a very skilled motorcyclist, having been a member of a motorcycle club prior to the apocalypse, it is evident that he is very good with a bike. A few years later, Deacon found Boozer halfway through a whiskey case who was suffering from depression after his wife Joany was killed in a drunken ride. Deacon's Mongrel Ring is inscribed with the Latin Phrase "Morior Invictus" which he claims translates to "Death Before Defeat." He soon met his fellow Sergeant-at-Arms member named Boozer who became his closest friend and the pair came to regard each other as 'brothers'. Winged Skull: Possibly a U.S. Army Airborne Tattoo. The pair head to Sherman's Camp to retrieve copies of keys that the local Commissioner kept. Deacon searches for Sarah but does not find her amongst the corpses. The soldiers open fire on Deacon in order to scare him off, but he persists, following at a safe distance, he tracks them to another landing zone. Deacon, along with Boozer and Sarah, was in Farewell during the outbreak of an unknown virus. or. Interestingly the game features several homages to the band. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Oh and Sam witwer's performance deserves an award. Deacon is a Caucasian male with a tall, athletic build. Chest. Family Deacon agrees to help. Boozer is injured and would not be able to make it on his own. After receiving marks that were less than satisfactory, Witwer lat… This decision upset the majority of his brothers in the club, apart from Boozer who remained loyal to him. Skull & Crossbones: Skull with two wrenches taking the places of crossbones. Leon hands over a map to his stash and Deacon performs a mercy kill. So much so that he admits he hated every minute of his military service. Bringing Boozer to the infirmary. He also voiced Darth Maul and Emperor Palpatine in various Star Wars video games and television series'. Deacon also rescues Lisa Jackson, a teenager who has been surviving on her own and was assaulted by thugs. Oddly, Deacon has a nomad patch on his kutte, but also has the bottom rocker of the mother charter of the MC. Drifter Bike: Deacon's motorcycle. DeekSon of a Preacher ManCorporal St.John Deacon and Boozer make it out of the city and head for the refugee camp the chopper was bound for, however it has already been overrun by Freakers. Binoculars: Deacon has a set of binoculars to scout the wilderness. American Deacon survived the crash and swam out to the wreckage hoping to find survivors, only to pull eight bodies back to shore including his sergeant Tanner. Unknown Sarah tutored him in the study of Botany including the use of Lavender to apply medical burns. The pair did runs for several camps, including ones lead by Mark Copeland, a conspiracy theorist who believes the apocalypse was an orchestrated event by the U.S. government, Ada Tucker, a former prison matron who had a reputation for treating the people in her camp like slaves, and Iron Mike, a man who sought for all people to come together in order to better rebuild. The player controls Deacon St. John ( Sam Witwer ), a former U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division Afghanistan War veteran outlaw-turned-drifter and bounty hunter who prefers life on the road to wilderness encampments. ... Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set two years after a devastating global pandemic. Having rode together in the Mongrel MC, they view each other as brothers, both of them continue to wear their MC colors long into the apocalypse, symbolizing they both miss the days when they rode in MC and all that they lost. An enraged Iron Mike arrives to tell Deacon that Rippers had seen him, and that when Carlos found out, there would be retribution, Deacon is disinterested in Carlos wants, and mike berates him for his reckless disregard for the consequences that may fall on others for his actions. Freedom Enduring: A Snake wrapped around a knife with the words "Freedom Enduring." After dispatching it, he finds that the cargo hold has been picked almost clean, but he manages to find a container of antibiotics. Deacon was born and raised in Farewell, Oregon. Boozer eventually becomes delirious with fever, and almost shoots Deacon with his shotgun. Several versions of Deacon are available to play: Days Gone Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Heading back, Deacon returns to the border greeted by Skizzo and some of his men, who pick off the Rippers who were following him out. On a mission whilst advancing on Mazar-i-Sharif, Deacon's squad was ambushed by a Taliban group with flatbed trucks equipped with ZU-23 modified anti-aircraft guns. Left forearm. Afterwards Deacon and Rikki sit in silence, in disbelief at what has happened. His unit worked in collaboration with the Northern Alliance.Whilst advancing on Mazar-i-Sharif, Deacon's squad was am… After her car had broken down, Deacon stopped under the pretense of asking for directions, Sarah told him that she couldn't help him. Deacon, Boozer and Jim forcibly held Jessie down while Jack removed his back tattoo with a blow torch and Jessie was banished from the club. Deacon puts Sarah on the chopper, giving her his Mongrel ring, the same ring he proposed with, telling her he wants it back. Tracking: Deacon is capable of tracking a humans, freakers and animals. The darkly humorous, provocative drama stars Sam as the heroic, "Aidan", a sensual and brooding vampire. Right Shoulder. Discovering a group of Marauders who intend to take their safehouse by force along the way, he takes the time to eliminate them, as Boozer in his weakened state would be unable to fend them off. Rikki arrives looking for Deacon, saying that Addy was looking for him. He can use this to deduce what happened in a certain circumstances. Deacon goes to see Iron Mike to discuss their situation, coming to a verbal confrontation with the head of Security, Skizzo, who considers Deacon to be a threat to their way of life. Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic open world, played from a third-person perspective. Voiced by Deacon agrees that heading north may be for the best. Reluctantly, Deacon and addy hold Boozer down while Addy performs the procedure. Wounded and with a horde of Freakers nearby, Deacon threatens to leave Leon to be torn apart if he does not give them information on the drugs, and will make his death quick if he cooperates. Days Gone made its initial splash last year at E3 2016 when it was first revealed to the world. are up to something. Upon exiting the area, Deacon calls Boozer to discuss his discovery, Boozer warns Deacon not to get his hopes up. Unwilling to watch his best friend commit suicide, Deacon chugged a whole bottle and told him if he was going to drink himself to death, he wouldn't be doing it alone, because that's what brothers do. Deacon and Boozer settled in an old Forest Service watchtower on top of O'Leary Mountain in the Cascade Wilderness. Deacon disliked mobile phones and so he never owned one, as he claims that he hated how he saw everybody had their heads buried in them. See more of Sam Witwer on Facebook. Deacon learns that Lisa had disappeared while out on a run for the camp near an overrun town, Rogue Camp. Sam Witwer headlines the SyFy series, Being Human, the U.S. adaptation of the popular British television series. Sneaking into the area, Deacon corners O'Brien when he is isolated and demands to know what happened to Sarah. Despite this, Deacon can still be quite lighthearted and even sarcastic, cracking jokes with those whom he has a good rapport. Marksmanship: Deacon is a competent marksman, being able to hold off swarms of Freakers or take on enemy marauders single-handed. However Iron Mike severed ties with Deacon after finding out he was sending people to Tucker's camp, as he considered her practice of paying for new recruits to be akin to slave trading. Deacon's most notable item of clothing is his kutte. Heading into the town to look for her, he finds a note, from her expressing her misery and her desire to forget what she had lost. Shocked, Deacon heads to the area they are landing and sneaks in to find out what they are doing. Finding out she might be alive gave Deacon a new sense of purpose to try and find her and regain what he lost. They were shown to be very sarcastic and teasing of each other. Jack personally offered him a membership which Deacon gladly accepted and was patched as an enforcer in the MC. Iron Mike allows Deaco and Boozer to stay on the condition Deacon helps out. This is later partially burned off by the Rippers. worker, O'Brien to take them, however there is not enough room for all of them. In game it was explained this meant he was going to be less involved as opposed to not being bound to a territory as he stayed with the original character. In the original trailer/gameplay demo, Deacon's kutte bore a patch that identified him as a "Road Captain" for his MC. Deacon continues to do runs for Copeland and Tucker, during which time he finds Lisa is unhappy staying at the camp, he sets out to find a "Thunderegg" for her to lift her spirits. He is perhaps best known for lending the voice and likeness to Galen Marek, the main protagonist of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.. Two years later, He is now a survivor of the Freaker outbreak that has decimated the world across the Pacific Northwest. He has brown eyes and black hair, which he wears in a long shaggy style, and has a small beard. Raymond 'Skizzo' Sarkoski (voice) Bernardo De Paula. He then returns to the area he left his bike, finding it gone. Adapting to the new structure of life, Deacon and Boozer took up work as bounty hunters, killing Freakers and rogue humans who threatened survivors camps. It is currently unknown why this change of rank occurred. He wears blue jeans and brown combat boots. Right hand, across individual knuckles. At the infirmary, Addy tells Deacon that Boozer hasn't got time, Deacon is horrified realising that she is talking about amputating Boozer's arm, which she says is the only choice, or else he will die. During this time, a cult called Rest In Peace (also known as the Rippers) formed, lead by a man named Carlos, who preached the idea that the Freakers were the next stage in human evolution. much to his chagrin. Realizing that someone from Copeland's camp must have taken it, he spots someone from Copeland's camp and gives chase. Crossbow: Deacon can be equipped with a crossbow. The pair drove up the road and were nearly ambushed by a large pickup truck. Stealth: Deacon's time surviving in the aftermath of the apocalypse has given him a keen sense of stealth, and is more than capable of avoiding detection when he needs to. Blog created January 2014. On the road, Deacon encounters another N.E.R.O. Meanwhile Boozer is not getting any better, so he sets out to gather ingredients to make a burn ointment, though Boozer feeling useless grows agitated with Deacon's concern. Pistol: Deacon carries a pistol with him at all times. Log In. Deacon later rescues her again from Rippers after she runs away, and he hands her off to Rikki, who takes Lisa to Iron Mike's Camp. Addy assures Deacon that he saved Boozer's life and that he owes him. However, Sarah's parents held a low opinion of Deacon due to his outlaw lifestyle. However they do no have time to wait, and crossing the Iron Ridge could result in the treaty Iron Mike negotiated with Carlos coming to an end. Sniper Rifle: Deacon can carry various different Rifles. They ran with several others including Rikki Patil, Alvarez and Leon, though they were eventually on their own again. Back. Carpe noctum. The trophies associated with skills are all named after lyrics from the Queen song, "Don't Stop Me Now" (the trophies being "Don't Stop Me Now", "I'm Out of Control", "There's No Stopping Me" and "Mr. Fahrenheit"). It follows the story of Deacon St. John (Sam Witwer), a Drifter two years after a virus ravages the world and turns those infected into “Freakers.” Full Cast & Crew: Days Gone (2019 Video Game) Cast (102) Sam Witwer. Right Forearm. There is also a horde that the description upon beating it is "Another Horde Bites The Dust" which is a play on the Queen song "Another One Bites The Dust," which was written by John Deacon. The chopper leaves. Heading into the area they are conducting field ops in, Deacon finds them dissecting a live Freaker, which is more mutated than the average Freaker. Dagger: Ornate dagger and pattern. There are excellent performances throughout Days Gone, but nobody nails it as much as Sam Witwer as Deacon, who has every inch the arc that someone like Arthur Morgan does. Deacons rushes to find Boozer, only to find him being tortured by Rippers who use an acetylene torch to burn off his tattoos. Arriving at Copeland's camp he discovers that his Bike has been stripped down by the camp mechanic Manny, who is scared when he realizes that it was Deacon's bike. Nicknames Superb zombie-slaying combat and enjoyable motorcycle gameplay are integrated perfectly with a well-paced story. What a great voice performance!!!! Gender It is made of black leather and is adorned with the Mongrels MC colors as well as various other patches that indicate his status as a biker. Now, with the worldwide release imminent, it's time to get an understanding of what this game has to offer. helicopter and decides to follow it. The identify of this person is never revealed, although we can assume this is most presumably his friend. This was later changed to "Enforcer." He lies to Tucker and says that Lisa is dead. Desperate to help his friend, Skizzo proposes that Deacon cross the border to Ripper country to salvage a plane that went down near the start of the outbreak, which was full of medical supplies for the Red Cross. Despite being outnumbered, Deacon and Boozer manage to fight their way through and kill every single one. Deacon has numerous scars from his time in the army, time as an outlaw and time surviving the apocalypse. Deacon doesn't seem to do so well taking orders from others. He seems very quick to brush off the concerns of settlement leaders who asked him for help .