100% chance of getting a green or blue chocobo after 4 races. It's advised to boost the chocobo's stats by feeding it five-ten Sylkis Greens before entering the race. Chocobo Hoops: Rocky Race: Win Full Field race. Apparently, to get out of what would otherwise be life imprisonment, one needs to win a chocobo race in the Golden Saucer. CHOCOBO RACING. I could write up a short paragraph detailing the process to raising a decent enough chocobo to help you win consistently at … It doesn't matter if you have got the patch or not, the Chocobo race WON'T work on Windows XP, but I have found a solution to this problem: look at my post on 'Frequently Asked Questions' then 'Chocobo races working under Windows XP'. WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO ACQUIRE: - All 6 stables purchased (and empty) - 1 x Captured Wonderful Chocobo in the pen (Icicle Area alongside 1 or 2 Jumping) - 1 x Captured Great Chocobos in the pen (Mideel alongside 1 or 2 Spiral) - 1 x Captured Chocobo of any type in the pen To help you with this, feed your chocobos lots of Sylkis and Reagan Greens to improve their stats (you can buy both from the Chocobo Sage). Win three races in C-Rank to advance to B-Rank, then win three more to advance to A-Rank and finally if you can win three more you can advance to S-Rank. I know how to race, I know about holding L1+R1 during the race. Race at the Gold Saucer: the Gold chocobo is guaranteed to win almost every race. Below are the list of challenges you can tackle from the trainer. The player needs to enter the chocobo in races by visiting Ester in the Gold Saucer and entering it. You can race with Chocobo against Prompto, Gladiolus, Ignis, and all of them together, along with two course obstacles in the Chocobo Races next to the Wiz Chocobo Post. I try holding PgUp and PgDwn at the same time but it does nothing, and while they are held down I'm also unable to sprint for some reason. What bugs me most is that my great chocobo sprinted the entire race on rank C and I couldn't even pass the chocobo in 5th place. Gold. Keep in mind that you can only win prizes at the A and S ranks by racing your own chocobo! Long Course Win: Long Course medal. Breed the Black chocobo with a wonderful chocobo, using a Zeio Nut. There is no fee to enter a chocobo into a race. msn back to msn home money. Find guides to this achievement here. Feed each Chocobo 10 Sylkis Greens 3. A bit of RNG to get the other color and sex. Access the in-game menu and navigate to config. Win: Jennet Medal. Feed each Chocobo 10 Sylkis Greens, win 9 Chocobo Races & breed them for a Black Chocobo 6. This will give your chocobo the Marathoner and Health Nut abilities. 3-4 possible formations which actually told you what kind of chocobo it is before you catch. In the Chocobo Square, you can either gamble on the outcome of Chocobo Races, or take part in Races yourself using your own chocobo. It explains how to get FF7 working with Windows 2000/XP, but if that doesn't work, try downloading this patch: 100% chance to get a gold chocobo after 12 races. You can edit the ff7inputcfg file which is located in your game directory. Agree to race and she will ask you which chocobo you want to race with (by name only). Do not use Boost until Blue Streak activates. If you win the race, you will get the prize behind the block with the number of the chocobo that finished in second place. The more greens you feed your Chocobo, the greater you will do in the races. You start in C-Rank. So race your 2 chocobos up to Class A in the Chocobo Square of the Gold Saucer. A Prize Winning Bird. Cloud is chosen, and you meet Ester, who gives you the basics.Chocobo racing is fairly easy, and it's good to know how to do it for a major sidequest later on. Short Course. powered by Microsoft News. Win every chocobo race with ease Permissions and credits Author's instructions. A Chocobo starts out in C Class, but if it wins three races, it will improve to B Class, then to A Class, then to the special S Class. Basically you need to use the keys that the L1 and R1 of a PS controller would have used according to the links in the default case the following should work given you haven't changed the keys yet.. Entering a Race . Talk to Ester on the left and register your chocobo to race. To advance in class, you must win three races with the same chocobo. Note: The first chance to win a Chocobo race is when your party escaped Corel Prison, however the trophy may glitch and you may not obtain it. However, you won't get an automatic Black from higher race wins when using other nuts, and the chance of getting a Black varies. To enter a race, speak with the race chocobo registrar NPC at Chocobo Square (X:6.1 Y:4.7) to select from the races available at your rating. Chocobo Racing Controls Help? There are 4 Classes of Chocobo Races - S Class, A Class, B Class and C Class. Chocobo Hoops: Rocky Road (win above race, features Val Pear) Against Iris (win above race, reach Chapter 6) Note you can get the same Pear across some other (but not all!) There are four Chocobo classes. The chocobo trainer can lend you chocobos for easier travelling in the vast area of The Calm Lands. Read on for more information, objectives, tips, and guides within this section. Medium Course. Return to Gold Saucer and race your Green and Blue Chocobo until each one is at class A (you’ll need to win with each Chocobo 6 times). Just enter races and keep winning, and eventually you'll reach Class A. switches between auto and manual control, speeds up your chocobo, slows it … Using mouse and keyboard, what do I need to do to use the old R1 + L1 trick to regain stamina? S … If this occurs, win the Chocobo race again later in the game by entering your own Chocobo. Against Iris: Win Chocobo Hoops; Rocky Road, and reach Chapter 6. This mod is opted-in to receive Donation Points Donations Both straight donations and … Examine the purple block of crystal to get the materia. The previous poster is indeed correct you're better off raising your own chocobos to race in the Gold Saucer since it's the most reliable way to win consistent GP legitimately. Breed these Chocobos (the blue and green one) with a Carob Nut in order to get a Black Chocobo. Refer to the Gold Chocobo Breeding Supplement Guide for information on how to win the Chocobo Racing mini-game. If you don't win—even if you place second—you will not receive anything. not to race them as it will affect the RNG dice roll. How do I race, you ask? Each time you fail Ester will provide you with an even better Chocobo until losing is pretty much impossible. If you suck at Chocobo Racing just let the computer race for you - it'll win a race for you. Infuse the Silver Chocobo with the Microchu @ lvl 24. Get the HP->MP materia: bring a Black chocobo north of North Corel, and cross the river to get to a cave. 2. Main Chocobos Guide here! This author has not credited anyone else in this file Donation Points system. The chocobo trainer also allows you to train chocobos and earn rewards while doing it. The first challenge is the Wobbly Chocobo. by Lassarina Aoibhell. Chocobo racing is a minigame in Final Fantasy X.The player can play four types of chocobo races on the Calm Lands, used as a method of taming and training wild chocobos.The player can find an NPC on the plains that lets Tidus race chocobos to train them. Level up the Microchu up to 24 using whatever items you want. ***It's possible to get a Black chocobo using the basic nuts too, only the Zeio Nut cannot produce a Black. Chocobo Racing Prizes. When you arrive at the Gold Saucer, speak with Ester at the Chocobo Racing forum. Chocobo Race Jockey Area On the way up to the race, Ester will explain how chocobo races work. Only Teioh will be a worthy opponent, and you will still beat him a good percentage of the time. File credits. Wobbly Chocobo. I finished the Chocobo Catcher race up last night after about 5 hours of trying (I even got a time of 0.4 after about 3 hours using these tips.) Win: Fat Chocobo Medal. Chocochampion achievement in Final Fantasy VII: Win the Chocobo Racing mini-game - worth 15 Gamerscore. Full Field: Win against Ignis. Class B is a little faster than Class C, but is still easy to beat. Players who wish to practice the basics of chocobo racing can repeat the training course as many times as desired. Breed them using a Carob Nut until you have both a Blue and Green Chocobo of opposite sex 5. 100% chance to get a black chocobo after 9(?) The trick to successful racing is not only in your racing technique but in your breeding technique as well. Here's how to locate and get the Chocobo and Moogle Summon Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The strategy for this is to use the "Stay at the back" mode in each race. Seems like stupid rules, potentially letting a dangerous criminal loose because they rode a bird well, but it’s not like the legal system that put you down here was all the sophisticated, either. Chocobo Square. Controls - Chocobos may be controlled either manually or automatically. Head to the Chocobo Square and talk to Ester, who should be standing near a door left of the central, circular race registry station and ask to race. Speak to Ester who is on the left-hand side of the screen. The player needs to win three races (not necessarily in a row) in order to move up a class, with the classes running in order from C>B>A>S. Methods to Change Controls (either one works). This is the Side Quest Walkthrough for Remiem Chocobo Race in Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF 10). The following is a chart of the various prizes you can win at Chocobo Racing, what ranks they are available at, and their GP value if you choose to trade them in for GP. web search. Pick your mount and course (the short course will naturally take less time), then… well, win the race. Class C is the slowest class. After having tamed a chocobo, the player can take the chocobo for a ride around the Calm Lands. Now for a somewhat annoying part: You will need to catch a Wonderful Chocobo. races. You can register the Chocobo of your choice for the next race in the chosen Chocobo’s class. Chocobo racing in the Calm Lands. Chocobo Training. The rules are clear; win a Chocobo race and you’re free to go. At the Gold Saucer, you can race with your own Chocobos to increase their class. Try Page Down and End. Race one of the two Chocobos a total of 4 times (or both 2 times; you need a total of 4 wins) 4. The Chocobo whistle is how you can summon a Chocobo to you in the field.