Operational Excellence. Achieving Operational Excellence and, therefore, becoming the best, is exactly the same for any other organization.. To become the best, operationally excellent companies like Amazon, Google, and Disney formulate and execute strategies that continually beat their competition.. They’ve each built and maintained positive work cultures that motivate and empower their staff. Synonyms for operational include going, running, functional, functioning, operative, working, usable, viable, workable and active. Operational excellence is a mindset where people working in the organization embrace principles and tools to achieve sustainable improvement in the organization. Operational Excellence is not easy to define. Defining operational excellence, in reality, isn’t easy. A more recent approach is Operational Excellence. Operational excellence is defined as the process of executing a business strategy more consistently and more reliably than the competition, resulting in increased revenue, lower operational risk and lower operating costs. Operational excellence is part of organizational leadership and organizational intelligence. Operational Excellence is a state of readiness that is attained as the efforts throughout the organization reach a state of alignment for achieving its strategies; and where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there – to pursue ‘Operational Excellence by Design‘, and not by … Operational excellence of an organization is the execution of its operations in an excellent way. This approach begins with a strategic design for operational performance to make the organization consistently the best amongst the competition. Antonyms for operational. It’s a structured tactic that aligns the management of people, processes and assets with key metrics and strategic objectives. Source. Some descriptions are too broad. Others set parameters so narrow that the ultimate definition seems too focused in scope. In other words, we can say that operational excellence is when the people working in your organization … Operational excellence is a methodology of striving for efficacy throughout an organization’s processes. Operational Excellence is a philosophy of organizational leadership that stresses the application of a variety of principles, systems, and tools toward the sustainable improvement of key performance metrics.. Much of this philosophy is based on earlier continuous improvement methodologies, such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Scientific Management. Operational excellence is the foundation for an organizational transformation that unlocks full business value by understanding what customers want and driving internal efficiencies to meet those expectations. Adopting operational excellence tools and principles enables HR function to create value to its internal and external customers by improving HR policies, processes, services, technology and data. Synonyms for operational in Free Thesaurus. Given two commercial companies with the same strategy, the operationally more excellent company will in general have better operational results, creating value for customers and shareholders.