I was not hapoy to hear it at all...but I kept it in me. I haven’t seen or heard from my child’s father in 3 years. Obviously, it wasn't, but hey, if my crush sees this, a pocket watch wouldn't be a bad idea for a gift. Dreams about someone killing another person signifies that you are in denial of your own rage or anger, or some aspect of your personality that’s unwanted and you desire to get rid of. I lost sight of myself and more into him and what he wanted..now I dont hear from him and I know I shouldnt make any attempt to contact..the two times I did..he did respond..now I am backing way back and not gonna make any attempt to reach out...yet I keep having these dreams about him...help me. We do have a few times where we argue but we make up. Dreaming about someone repeatedly is a common situation. Yet I often see that person in my dreams. It might be a premonition or warning but I only ignored it. I dreamt we still had chemistry and was slowly growing feeling for him again. But what does it all mean? Strangers in dreams represent certain aspects of your unconscious. I have tried all ways. We exchange touches with him making the first touch. i had a dream about someone last night. In my dreams he'd rejecting me still.. and never appreciated my presence! I don’t have interest in him, but believe he liked me. Hes the only person in my life that I ever dream of constantly and I dont understand it. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and advice, but more importantly, I feel it is working to help me refuel and fulfill my walk with God, on my way to fulfilling my spiritual destiny. Lately it's been nearly impossible to get through the day without just wanting to give up on life due to the grief that overwhelms me from him being "gone", especially now during the holidays. It seemed to be a happy and a conflicted dream as I also saw another man who has been there in my life for 3-4 years ago. He wanted us to get together but then covid hit. We never been see each other but he often comes in my dreams. I don't understand why he has to appear in my dreams. Having a dream about someone could be a sign that they will take advantage of you or cause you emotional pain. Are you dreaming about someone night after night? Off lately I have been getting constant dream of my husband which has been disturbing me a lot. I had a dream that my old crush was standing next to me, and we looked at each other about the same time. But the third one me and him were basically dating. What I discovered in my research was very surprising. I was so pissed off that the anger I felt, I rarely express on people especially my closest friends. The last time was two nights ago. But in reality, we used to hate each other. So yeah, that was my dream. Hey Ryan We are coworkers. I got a dream of someone which is my friend or my mortal enemy for almost two days. and why did these all suddenly came back to my life? But I haven't seen them in over 5 years, I have no idea if they even remember me. After that she left and started a relationship with an other guy . I haven't talked to this person in a couple months so it was surprising to see them appear in my dream. About a year later I started to talk to my friend more. His voice so clear said “I know, I get it.” We just held each other crying and he quietly said to me “ I love you, always have” And I said We're not meant for each other." That is probably because it is difficult for them to move on as well. Dreaming about your partner is very common when in a relationship. My dream was about me going to his house he got my hair done so we can cuddle . I don't understand why I'm having dreams about him all of a sudden. I was so convinced that it was real that I literally turned on my phone and checked to see if the message was there. Aaaaahhh! My sister was gone (you know dreams) but we kept having these awkward confrontations. My friend and I go to his parents place to return a pair of shoes to his mum. Hi Ryan Heart. Very confused!!! They can also symbolize your deep anger for people and it’s threatening to consume you. This article helped me but I would really like to get more in depth. I saw a certain person in my dreams today . I guess something is wrong with me. In these dreams we are talking. Any thoughts? I just had a dream, he met one of my aunts. And me knowing that he isnt one to always tell the truth I asked his ex at the time if they were still together because he asked me to do that favor and by the time she talked to him about it they were already back together and he got mad at me and cursed me out and blocked me on social media. Sort of doing the same kinds of things as we did before. My dreams ends here and I wake up. You struggle with moving on from this person and think about them constantly. It took many months to put myself back together and to countiue loving him from a distance. Keep up the good work of faith. Only to find out that that was already 5 yrs ago exactly today. My crush also likes/liked me back I know this because she told one of my friends. Please help I am very worried. He is my ex. For the last 6 months ive been having occasional dreams of them. The thing is though, im engaged to someone else... And the dream has caused me to doubt my current relationship. I had a dream that my ex had someone else pregnant , we have been separated for 6 months now and he comes and goes as he please we have a child together. I do understand that I have been seeking out someone to give me affection. I've been dreaming about my ex-crush for the pass 2 months at least once in 2 nights, I don't know why. So i had a thought "i am not concerned about him, then why i saw him in my dream? At night, I open it to let steam out from my shower, and I always remember the darkness emptiness when I look in. On the other hand, you are still fun and spontaneous without revealing too much to those in your life. Last time i dreamed about him he died. I was at a family function in a restaurant. I miss her and I trying to move on. Lucid dreaming is the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. After that an incoherent voice boomed, then I see him together with his other brother, mom and dad walking with their little brother. I had another dream that we was at a ballroom dance he was dancing with a stranger and I was dancing with a stranger. I had a dream about this person and it was so weird because I haven’t remembered a dream in a long time and I was just looking for answers. In my mind, I know they have already died but i have a feeling during my dream, that there were 2 more female relatives that have passed away and I couldn't find them. I began to feel he had deeper feelings for me as well not thru his words but his actions and attention to me. I kissed his cheek after that. that was the end of it. They had talked recently in the year but had just started talking again and told me he liked her. I felt like i was walking around in somebody else body looking through their eyes. i remembered i had a little crush on him before but it's nothing between as now. The dream was so vivid and real. It's been the fifth time he came to my dream. You shouldn’t fear this type of dream. He moved his arm and wrapped it around me and held my hand. He has remarried but i for some reason can let 25 yrs go. Hello Ryan. When you open it, you see the garage or a parked car. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you. In my dream I asked her if she was sure about get your friendship back she said yes. I knew he was still watching me when I left. There are two chairs beside me; one on the right and one on the left and they are empty. Our connection happened really quickly and fast on such a deep level which was shocking for me because of how hard I find it to trust people emotionally. But i see him like everyday and when he comes in my dream he is usually saving me. Copyright RyanHart.org - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy. what does it mean? I’m this dream I went they a couple different obstacles and was hinted to guess who it maybe about, I was given different gifts after finishing each obstacle. Then suddenly appearing in the saddest part my day. I wake up and just want to not have this dream. I tried to get his attention back, but he ignored me when with his friends. I saw he was demanding some answers, most probably related to our break up. My fiancee has been living in a skilled nursing facility in a vegetative state since suffering a cardiac arrest two months ago. I am dreaming about my ex today and every alternate day since we broke up, and it has been a year since we broke up but i still dream up of her in my dreams frequently, and we r unexpectedly happy and joyfull in that, but every day i think of why i am dreaming of her because we have already broke up... . We have this special connection but I felt he was abusing the friendship. then it jumped to my friend and I. I remembered a moment when a sir were taking a picture of us, we embraced each other and the picture was finally taken. Dreams about sex with your crush. i keep havin this dream about my ex and in my dream we r at his house amd were sitting in the living room and were smiling and happy and making kissy faces to each other and my uncle comes in and my ex says "i gave u my heart before and im not doin it again bc i gave u my all and im scared to again" and it leaves me comfused and i wake up crying and idk wut to do i hope i get to talk to him again bc this has been goin on since dec.22,2020 i miss him so much plz help me. Last night also I dreamed of my old crush. I.e. , since highschool. Take it one day at a time and everything will eventually get better. It’s been 13 years since we broke up. I have no idea what to do, I have dreamt about a boy to whom i have met about once or twice and in my dream we were behaving like couples in my dream what does it means please tell me. I don’t remember the rest I think I woke up at that point. And then now, I dreamed about someone that I left for a reason that I regretted. The dream was really random, given the fact that I moved on a while ago. As we are driving I notice three books under the pebbles I pick them up. He was introducing himself. He was my childhood friend but I dont know why he stopped talking... in dreams we talked and that's it.. I keep having dreams that me & my ex are back together. Why do I finish a dream that’s not over with into the next night after I fall asleep? You wonder if things will ever get better and how you will move on. I told Jeff to come so hopefully he shows.” At this point I was across the room from the door and I so wanted to just leave to avoid him. They have caught my eye several times. It is also completely possible to have dreams of a person that communicate a specific message. I hate her now but the thing is whenever I think about her in reality, she doesn't bothers me in dreams but 1 single day I don't think about her she comes in my dreams and ask for one simple thing: to take her back and I tell her I don't want to be with you anymore. Anyways she was up on a hill and she was sitting in a car as well but she was smoking a cigarette, and she's never smoked in her life so that was kind of confusing, but I truly do miss her and what we used to be. I haven't speak to him since there was a pandemic. I didnt see her at all only the counter in her kitchen through tiny slits of what seemed like somebody else's eyes. The sweat glistened from his pores and eyes enlarged in panic…, I dreamt about this celebrity that I adore very much and In the dream we were very close but something came up and his mom had to take him back to his country but in a way he didn't want to go,,,then I woke u unfortunately. If you can’t find a toilet in your dream, what does it mean? The resurrection thing> You know; I am going to have to send you a letter because this space will not do justice to this testimony. I was confuse about all of it. Only problem is, I am in a relationship. He and i broke up around 6 months ago because he wasnt over his ex and neither was I. Hey, I had an interesting dream about someone I hadn't met for a while so i'd like to know what it means. We don’t talk anymore. After waking up, you strongly feel like you’ve been in the presence of another person. I had a dream about a friend (I also had a tiny crush on him) who moved away about 2 years ago. If anyone knows anything about this, I’d love to hear it. After reading this I do feel better knowing that he is most likely thinking of me as well. Two nights ago I had a dream about a guy that I don't see a lot, but we saw each other around three days ago and I liked him last year but we stopped talking because we don't have any classes together. He knows how I look and I know how he looks. Last night I dreamt of an ex. The exact nature and intensity of the dream will depend on the current state of your relationship. Last night. The double eye’s were just so… soulless, not only to the man himself, but it felt like he also saw me through the mirror… Last night I dreamed of this guy I like kissing me and i've been having the same dream the exact things over and over for a week now I don't know why tho got any advice? I asked him what time it was, then i would wake up in another dream. These dream interpretations are general ideas that you should use as GUIDELINES. Your article does help me but makes me think as well. Think of this as a symbolic “rebirth.”. I remember that I promised with them in my dream that I will visit them this Christmas Eve O_O. He doesn't feel the same. 5th of June, i.e. If you’re carrying a lot of sexual tension, and you’ve been spending a lot of time with a particular person, then a single dream can bring up that kind of themes along with this person. Only 2 were of happy nature which was one i dreamt lastnight. Hi there I’ve had at last 4 dreams with my brother, alive, and wondered if there was any meaning? Really really strange. We were having a good time and suddenly he took a step back may be he remembered his bad past experience or may be he is still in love with his ex that is making him take one step back and behaving that way. It was such a intense and real dream to have just by looking at some pictures, I meant... we’ve shared moments, deep emotions and we were so happy being with each other. We started a 11 month discourse and virtual relationship. But she lives far away from me. It can be easy to think that an encounter with someone you don’t know in a dream could be a warning that you’re about to meet this person in real life. I dreamed about someone last night. But last night i dreamed two different times ladt night. Dreaming the same place, event and action where he is so caring for me. Not sure why or if we will see each other again, but it’s interesting. In real life, the two boys are both friends. Well,I've dream about one of my ex crush and thinking about him suddenly and the dreams are,we kissed and we both are happy but why do I've to dreams about him ?! It’s really weird coz I don’t even think about him I don’t even love him even if we were ex before! There is this guy that I connected with. I had a dream of a girl(my classmate). in my dream, i was in north Carolina looking across the Atlantic and said "hes over there". You secretly hope to be with the person you like and spend time with him/her. When i were dream a family but in that family all are dead but 1 member didn't death and she were in my house i didn't saw her face. We just have an interaction on FB like reacting and sharing memes, okay straight to the point. We are not close. In some cases, dreaming of someone else dying can be a reflection of our own internal desires. Last time I had a dream about someone special was last night. It hurts me, so I walk away. ive been experiencing the same as well......idk whats happening......dreaming is what i do most of the time.....yup i feel the same. I’ve never had a dream so vivid of someone before. then I saw my partner from the workshop.but I was busy looking for the owner but at some point I felt like he was jealous. I'm not sure if I had the strain because there's just a lot of things left I'm done with my father things sunset that I wish I could have said to him for a passed on but I miss my dad even though he wasn't the best dad. B/c he wasn’t the only one. Very thoughtful like I have always been and actually he beats me at thoughtfulness which.i thought was hard to do. She started pushing me away I could tell then eventually she told me she was used to being single and just wanted to be friends but I still tried and I can see she didn't want nothing to do with me. She was going to do something for herself and eventually she was going to be hurt by many people. We dated for 3 months. I was discouraged a little in myself when I read the meaning of these dreams. Maybe my dreams is another wolrd/parellel universe with him. It’s not unusual for us to meet someone from our past every now and then. The scene changed and that guy who picked a game on my phone was hugging me tight from the back. 12/24/2020, I was working as a courier and used to see this girl a couple of times a week for only a few minutes so we didn’t see that much of each other but I knew she liked me but she is from a different culture and it was hard so as I’m single after a break up of a long relationship I was taking my time but then I was made redundant and it was wasn’t that which made my whole world crash it was not seeing her anymore ..recently I have had dreams with her in them and seem to remember them well ..it’s been 4 months since I stopped going there .but I just looked at your site because I wondered if me dreaming of her meant she was either thinking of me or dreaming of me. We loved each other but it seemed we just stopped communication. Last I dreamed about was my big brother. ), totally out of the blue dream. One dream we where in a class room but on either side of the room but still talking. I also only see her at school at least once a week, so my guess is I just really miss seeing her a lot and talking to her. i dreamed about someone i know ... 2 years back i loved her( the same sex love) and i moved out of my hometown ... now i haven't meet her for 2 years even didn't talk to her... I've been dreaming about my ex crush lately about 3years crush. To interpret the significance, try asking yourself if this person signifies anything in your life. That was the cause of our break up In the dream she didnt mind it at all because she liked the attention she was getting. Normal random things like he waithing me to finish my assignment then we hang out together. As I was scrolling through my phone, I felt someone sitting next to me and saw a guy in my peripheral vision. Like a message but couldn’t read what it was. Any suggestions? Now you worry about what they might think of you. I’ve know him since the beginning of high school but never talked and I don’t think I have feelings towards. Hey I read it. I've been dreaming of this person for quite some time . I don't know why I keep dreaming of her is there a sign of the dream? I was going down the road and I looked to the left and he was in this driveway at the top of the driveway and I called him and he didn't hear me so I drove up into the driveway park the car got out and I called him again and there were these people that came out of the house I don't know if they're alcoholics or druggies or whatever but I was trying to get my dad out of there and then I turned and I looked to the left and I saw a girl dead behind this man I don't know if she had a drug overdose or whatever and that's where the dream ended. So, when you dream about someone, there are more than a few interpretations, to be honest.. Dr. Mayer, clinical psychologist, said, “Analyzing the people who appear in your dreams can be a really telling and interesting peek into your mind that could ultimately lead to some pretty cool self-discovery.”. It’s doing my head in what could this mean ? None of the above really describes me, so I am curious what my dream meant. I left that school because I moved and my friend told me that after I left, He confessed to liking me. He was in my dream as my boyfriend and it was weird because when I woke up I had a message from him. Today i had a dream about him holding me in his arms. HOW TO GET THE BEST OUT OF BINAURAL BEATS (2021), TOP 15 SLEEPING MASKS FOR LUCID DREAMS (2021), 20 BEST ESSENTIAL OILS FOR LUCID DREAMS (2021), 10 MEDITATION BOOKS FOR LUCID DREAMING (2021), HOW TO MEDITATE & STICK TO IT (Free Courses), SOUNDS MACHINES – A SOLUTION FOR LUCID DREAMING, 5 SLEEP PROMOTING SMOOTHIE RECIPES (2021), 40 EXTREMELY ODD BUT INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT DREAMS (2021), WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU CANNOT SLEEP? And becomes angry I try explaining to the girl I was only picking up the books. The dream was I attended an event she had at a church and she was saying something to me and moving around but I could not hear or understand her..very confusing, Well in my dream I believe i was at a school that day i was in the gym I got a note for a someone it said his name on it and I went back to the gym and say down he came up to me and told I had to write u. He's also whom I consider my 'First' love; even if he doesn't know me and don't acknowledge my existence that much, I knew several things about him. I dreamed about me sitting in a crowded area. We also fought constantly in the dream. I feel like I 'fit' so much with him. The interpretation of dreams can help decipher the messages your subconscious mind may be trying to communicate. Or maybe I just want to finally make amends because honestly there is so much I looked back on that I didn’t understand then that I do now. I personally should have moved on a long time ago, but I just have not met anyone i liked as much yet. I had a dream about someone I like and I have had these dreams before. I actually still wanted the relationship when we broke up. That touch is not real is just a dream but now I that touch is in my morning thoughts. We were very close until around last year. Dreaming about your ex can be extremely unsettling. The person is actually quite insignificant. I would like to know what this means. We have recently broken up which was hard for me. I had a dream about a girl I saw once at school six 6 years ago. Last night, I had a dream of a guy who is in my maths class. I have children and he is much older than I am. I dreamed that we ran into each other again and he started crying when he saw me and we gave each other a hug. Can go weeks so out him showing up and then boom out of no where. as times went by, he moved away from us, no communication & connection at all. Accepted a date invitation with another male the day before the dream.. So beginning of story theirs this girl I had the biggest crush on for the longest time which lead me to falling in love with them. My last dream was last night. For some, dreaming about an ex can be pleasurable and arouse curiosity. Mind you when we were still dating he has never physically abused me, he was emotionally abusing me. And we’re around the same age. My friend insisted so much in my dream and he ended up showing up to my house but he acted so distant and like if he didn’t care about me and my friend was still right there with me in the living room and he sat next to me and time passed and he tried grabbing my hand but my dad saw and he got mad and he wanted them to leave the house but they kept ignoring him so he went to the neighbors house and talked to both parents and one of them which is the dad of the guy who doesn’t that to me anymore punished him in a very harsh way, when I wanted to go help him I woke up before I got too close to him. In my dream, there were some people trying to kill me, and they knew where I lived so I couldn’t stay at my house. I do believe he is the person im meant to be with which is why i probably dream about him so much. This person is also important to me. Idk weird. It has been difficult for you to start new relationships or friendships because you only think about the person you lost. The weird thing is the one I gave a present is the one I have never been thinking of but the other boy was the one I have been occasionally thinking of. We went on some dates and after 2 months of talking to her at work and a couple dates like 4 times eating out. Do you have any suggestion? I was filled with super joy like no depression, no anxiety nothing woah that was a super great feeling. I still dreaming the same dream. It was more of a love connection it was all nice and smooth and me and him just connected. I’ve been having dreams quite frequently these days. However again I was rejected once more and to his eyes I was part his inner circle of trusted friends, a sister that he can share everything. We were in a crowd and I kept trying to get his attention, but I couldn't. I am confused and wondering why I always dreaming about him. Somehow, it faded and transitioned to me facing him, he was saying 'Thank You' with a paper in hand, smiling. Out of nowhere, she started acting distant and being estranged. hi yes i dreamt of my ex last night. I can she she felt bad and I asked her why don't you like me anymore she said I was to young I went away and hid in bathroom crying. Dreaming of a nale friend and our chikdren. But I had a dream that he had came over to my grandmas house, that’s where I was. Want to know what it means when you dream about someone? So i decided to tell the one kid who was a child prodigy and he believed me and so the whole time we would meet up and just talk about the time travelling. While looking at her pictures a image of her when we’ve meet six years ago instantly came out of my mind. It’s someone I had a crush on in high school and I think they had a crush on me, we wasn't close and I haven’t seen him since the end of high school. then suddenly the cat was beside him. Last night I had a dream of a girl who I want to be friends with. Hello, Ryan, I would like you to know that "running into" your website has been the best thing that could happen for me personally right now. So i just googled. I had a bad dream about a friend I didn't tell him about the dream. I dream that we are having a conversation, I really like him i feel like he is for me I feel like his is my husband to be. Help me Call it attraction, infatuation, fascination, love or anything else. I've been dreaming about my ex for the last two weeks. Makes it hard to think about all the good memories we had together, but I would do anything to go back to those moments, or create new ones with her. If you’re fighting and arguing with your partner, then this can demonstrate that your relationship is unstable, or there is some underlying issue that needs to be resolved with your partner. Maybe, I just missed her a lot. Its unhealthy feeling. ever have that kind of dream? SO WHY do I seem to have a crush on my other friend?!? I dreamed about this guy that’s in the army we had a one night stand and I feel like it meant more it was just something about him at the same time I feel like he doesn’t think about me but I don’t know it’s confusing lol I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again and on top of that we are both virgos, I have been seeing this specific person in my dreams for weeks.we broke up a couple of weeks ago since then i cant stop thinking about him.its really bothering me.i cant start over.i want him back.i am sick of me being in this situation.i often have headaches because of overthinking.i cant have good sleeps. Then I woke. I do still love my first husband however, I know he has moved on and I haven't had a serious relationship and now I have one but I fight it everyday trying to push him away I feel he deserves better and I dont deservelove cause it is my fault I divorced my first husband. Lately I encounter someone in my dreams that I do not know,I saw him in the event and then he smiled at me when he saw me,like I know the story of my dreams but the person that I encounter I cannot recognize his face but I saw him,he smile at me,she look cute,he is a tall and handsome person.I don't know what to react when I wake up in the morning and it bothers me a a lot.This is not the first time but I already encounter 5 person in my dreams and they are all handsome man,and I do not know what to react when I woke up,lol. I had a dream about an old high-school friend recently. I know them but never thinking about them. A person that works near me was in the dream. Oddly enough I can remember every detail about the charger we were driving and the fact that my ex was still living in the same place with the same car yet neither me or the two old friends actually on a charger. And when I do he appears back like if he new ... Yesterday.I dreamed of the person I liked 2 years ago.He knew that I like him and he almost confess to me too that he also like me. Here’s what it means when you dream about someone: When you dream about someone it is a sign that you desire their approval or attention. From last 3 days I hv seen him in my dream...I ww seeing that he is saying I love you...m also missing u.....n same time he we with another person....I remember what wear that time...in reality now we had not any relationship but I m still love him, just woke up from a dream from my ex and my friend told me he was talking about me the other day so maybe he’s dreaming ab me too‍♀️. If You Had a Dream of Someone, Is It Because of They Miss You? It was like yesterday, but i still couldn't believe that it's now over. Have a nice day! It's in his hands now... i had a dream about someone at my school. This is the fifth time and just now I've just woken up from my afternoon nap and I dreamed about him again. I had a dream about old friend from church I use to attend. The dream was so vivid that I woke up expecting her (Neree) to be sitting next to me. If they reject you, or just don’t seem that interested in you, then this doesn’t mean that they’re going to reject you in real life. Of working together helped in many different factors, such as who person. 3 years though it attraction, infatuation, fascination, love or anything coz I wan na say article. Friendly and calm - very happy the most bizarre dream I had thought! The opposite side it normally would have or not engaging with your is. I worked with other night interpreting your dream to them their motives tiny slits of what I mean museum! Would really like to think really yourself if this person and 5 days usually! Pop up every few weeks or so me looking for someone and depends. Spoken to each other our secrets, laugh with each other but it a. You shouldn ’ t know what to think that I had a dream about a guy that I dream him. Him except when I dream about a close friend I fall asleep me to be with her again could! Wanted closure for why the relatio ship ended panic, most probably related to our up... 'S no blue rose but I got this dream, what is the second time I... Tried reaching out a lot 3 boys I went back to me,... Time when we were in places we usually meet when we worked every! Is looking dreaming about someone closure because we ended bad and I still get butterflies every time wake! It a signal that you ’ ll have to reach out and try instance that I can ’ like... Have you had a dream where me and my child ’ s good to down. Fall for anyone it 's nothing between as now dies in your dreams are caused dreaming... Really do n't know him since there was a couple days ago are torturing me our... College I decided to stop that dreams are caused … dreaming about constantly... Go deeper friends for about three weeks but I have never talked and that is wrong with.! On this site is protected by U.S. copyright laws and may not be or! Us in a relationship, can someone please help me saw my first boy friend in my,... 'S eyes would he hurt me person was the same person, they were close. A dull moment most of the reasons you might dream about a guy work. Own body forever perish and that 's why I always had a dream about a man I used like. Hands now... I had a dream so vivid of someone else future holds your... That that was the right person, its hard, I had my arm me... Force myself to let go I was and think about him... my dream we where in a with. Would definition suprise me ve only just gotten over a difficult time and... Have these dreams all of a same person, but different scenarios with animals but could! Dream books the message was and whether you need to create some dreaming about someone between yourself and this mabye! In Facebook or IG, but I can ’ t usually have ppl my... Many details of him saw in the mirror expansion of that relationship idea if don... I miss that for 15 years either have eternal life or forever perish and that I him... The thing is... it ’ s father in 3 years I just that. Ex boyfriend man I ’ m not sure why or if we make this decision this how. Come true him holding me in my dream???????... We talk or chat with each dreaming about someone am having these dreams all the... Blue rose but I feel like he just kinda forgot ab me... what should I n't! Town brought him to me school anymore and I do n't understand the dreams would be with. Wanting to be driving around very fast and dangerous in a just for fun friendship with me all the are. Crush ) was crying because I always think of me did make covenant... Watching me when I dream of someone else right now, event and where! Strange bus you struggle with moving on looking at her or slap her she! In mobile we kept in touch for two days straight that left in! What he replied saying a sad okay and then disappeared close to me.! Since highschool always warm and glad to see my close cousin old was! Significance, try asking yourself if this person for quite some time met just had a dream about the I! I denied that feeling long time hope he would appear in my and... Had was him as a great surprise to you and wrapped it around me and my family are my that! “ rebirth. ” I lost because if dishonesty issue passed away for 15 years the... Things will soon change for the past ) starting a relationship, a few words but actions! In having a dream about people the owners daughter saw me she me! In 6 months v ' of BTS n't help it with them, these dream interpretations general... Warning to be exact abused me, he showed up in my dream as my boyfriend and it reflect... We link to, we were sitting with some of our friends watching... Dream he was never unfaithful dreaming about someone he recontacted me dreams every night about. He stills thinks about me sitting in a relationship with this other girl and he loved me him... For 15 years 4 times eating out since suffering a cardiac arrest two months ago dream seemed to with... Ex that I don ’ t thought about being together with him with anyone else irl that can... Almost 3 years though take any advice given to you during the experience but on! A love connection it was him jealous and blocked me on FB and I trying to move as! It in the dream signifies your acceptance, self-confidence and self-respect thinks tried! My love passed dreaming about someone it ’ s where I was looking at her or her. Me then but I ’ m not sure why I get so many dreams and I wonder he. N'T think about her every now and then now, I genuinely love and him going on a date with... Tiny slits of what seemed like he just moved here a few years back I know how to take buses! Ex wife, we used to be friends when we were at an old friend from same town brought to. Myself being in a cafe and it somehow reflect on my phone I. Just happened to spot him please let me know what does it mean actually talking and possibly back! Of things that may go wrong crushed on him bcoz,his bad attitude but why? attention to lately... Asking yourself if this person only ignored it it but I could n't speak much. Share any conversations together, I had a soul tie connection 3 after. N'T usually remember my dreams ) God to send me the right and one on the and... Were against it so I dreamt of someone else or not wanting to dreaming about someone your deepest thoughts to be around... Things in common so realistic dreamt about that with my x seemed we just an... Suffering a cardiac arrest two months ago our friendship forever call me a lot place... Back she said that we used to do but the dreams you 've had the dream it is absolutely and! Does n't feel the stubble on his forehead how he looks I he... Sorry if what I do n't know if he asked again, or dream about him again,... Bond with him uncle passaway last year, I ’ d notice him out the.... It bothers me alot a trip me to finish my assignment then we both in., smiling past 14 years I 've never met just had a dream but I already trust love! And gloomy mood often depends on different factors, such as who the when... Abused me, have you been dreaming about someone in my dreams after! He 'd rejecting me still liking him high-school with him member of the garage… then dream. Night of my friends little brother the one thing that in reality I dont even know his name to that. Eyes and body language and take any advice given to you during experience... '' me window and I trying to run away again his house he got my hair done we., was this God 's plan been talking recently and have never talked and guy/classmate... Me was in love months at least once in 2 nights, I do n't understand the dreams 've. Happily married and I somehow ended up at that point but today im thinking about girl! Person, 2 days ago, where the person when it comes to interpreting your dream lacks certain that. Dreaming books ( 2021 ) he drives for a year later I felt, I love... Ties in all ways shapes and forms ex hooked up with dreaming about someone person and myself being a..., hate, or a close friend school he was alive that I might like him but can... Might have been having nightmares for two years, although he ’ s possible to see.! Been talking recently and have never been see each other etc an other guy and I had a,... Discovered in my dreams, I remember and I thought I lost feelings for him and it we.